Sitewatch 24/7 provides a wireless intruder alarm system with integrated video verification for property Protection

When one of the PIRs is triggered the system goes into alarm in much the same way as a standard alarm system, but the PIR also generates a 5 second video clip which is automatically sent with the event to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

An ARC is available 24/7 to monitor your system and when an alarm is received the ARC operator will view what has activated the PIR. The operators can then action an urgent response for a genuine crime in progress, whereas costly false alarms can be discounted.

We have indoor and outdoor PIR cameras with day/night visibility, and are completely wire free. Battery life for all devices, including the control panel, is up to 4 years. A variety of control panels are available to signal back to the ARC, from single path (GPRS) Mobile network or dual path (GPRS/IP) Mobile.

The system provides an added value offering for commercial and residential applications, and a solution for sites where there is no mains power or telephone or internet connection, e.g. temporary sites, void properties, construction sites, and general outdoor applications.

The system delivers faster police or security response to an actual crime because the human operators filter out false alarms.

If you want to secure indoor, outdoor, or isolated sites… this system is THE solution.

We specialise in video alarm systems, which we supply and install all over the UK. Whether you’re an international business or an individual who wants to protect your home, we’ll provide you with a high-level security system that’s tailored to your needs; ensuring you’re safe, secure and protected.

Sitewatch247 is a security system with all the devices and accessories needed to make any installation successful and any site secure. Sitewatch247 allows for the freedom to go completely wireless by communicating entirely over the mobile network and running on batteries. A system can also be powered, where possible, and connected to your internet connection to communicate over IP.

Over 15 years of experience on these systems, helping in the development of the ARC signalling and processes, when the system was introduced into the UK. I can give the customer an all-around knowledge of both installations and ARC operations.